A M Fluhr

Anneli M Fluhr works as a visual artist in Stockholm. With works in a minimalist fantasy world, she has exhibited at galleries in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Her art has been procured, among others, by the National Museum and State Art Council. The collection at the Swedish Modern Museum of Art contains her graphics.

"Barely and perfected

Anneli M Fluhr´s work is reduced to the utmost but still seems as perfected as a haiku. And always there is a final secret that allows the images to become infinitely deep."

by Roland Schenkel, Neue Zuger Zeitung.


During 2013 and 2017, A M Fluhr was represented at the Art Center, Konstnärshuset, in Stockholm, both at collective exhibitions and at the Showroom.

Villa San Michele, Capri, Italy, showed A M Fluhr’s exhibition ”Diving / What surfaces to pass through”, August 2017. Direct link: http://villasanmichele.eu/cultureprogram-2017


Separate exhibition at Studio L2, Stockholm. Direct link: http://www.lidstromer.com/web/104s.html

From 2014  A M Fluhrs pictures are shown at Konstnärshusets Showroom, Stockholm.


During 2013 A M Fluhr participated in exhibitions at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm and at Galleri Uddenberg, Gothenburg. 


Autumn 2012, separate exhibition at Galleri Uddenberg, Gothenburg. 

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